Last updated: June 18th, 2018

PLEASE READ: By summer 2018 the Athens transport ticket system has transitioned from paper tickets to modern electronic tickets with the use of paper and plastic smartcards (similar to London’s Oyster cards). If you plan to travel to Athens during 2018, check the Athens Transport Tickets and Cards page in time, for the latest updates on how to use the new electronic tickets.

Welcome to Athens! With an urban population of more than 4 million people, Athens is the capital of Greece and the 4th most populous capital in the E.U. with a large, modern mass transit system to serve the needs of residents and visitors. It consists of:

  • City buses
  • Electric trolley-buses
  • Athens Metro
  • Athens Tram, and
  • Athens Suburban railway.

Athens is connected to even the remotest destinations through the Athens International Airport, ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio, national railway network operated by TRAINOSE and, long-distance bus network KTEL.

Looking for places to visit in Athens, Greece? Check out: 20 places to visit in Athens, Greece and how to get there

From the airport to downtown Athens

Athens Airport Railway/Metro Station
Athens Airport Railway/Metro Station

Getting to/from the Athens International Airport and the city center, located about 20 km (12 miles) east can be achieved via:

All buses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with frequency varying according to day, time and season. Click on the links above to see timetables as of now.
One-way travel time estimates: X93 (65 min), X95 (70 min), X96 (90 min), X97 (100 min). Allow sufficient time to travel as traffic conditions may cause delays.
For ticket info see Athens Transport tickets and cards.

  • Metro: Take Metro Line 3 (Aghia Marina – Douk. Plakentias – Airport), which connects the Athens airport with the city center. Trains run every 30 minutes, 7 days a week from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The trip from/to the Airport to Syntagma station (Athens center) lasts 40 minutes. See the Metro timetable to the airport here.
    For ticket info see Athens Transport tickets and cards.
  • Suburban Railway: Proastiakos connects Athens Airport with Athens Central Station (also known as Stathmos Larisis), the port of Piraeus and SKA, and through them to the national railway network. Trains run 7 days a week. Trains from the Airport to Athens Central Station and the port of Piraeus run on the hour at xx:09, the first at 06:09 and the last at 22:09. There is also a train to Athens Central Station at 22:50. Trains from the Airport to Ano Liosia run on the hour at xx:52, from 05:52 to 20:52.
    Current Proastiakos timetables: Airport – Athens – Piraeus, Piraeus – Athens – Airport, Piraeus – Athens – Kiato & Kiato – Athens – PiraeusAthens–Halkida–Athens.
    Tip: When in service, the Proastiakos departs the Airport at xx:09 and xx:52. You can take it to Doukissis Plakentias station, where you can change trains (platforms are on different levels) and continue to the city center (Metro Line 3 to Egaleo), using the same ticket.
  • Taxi: A taxi from the airport to the city center costs a flat rate of €38 from 5:00 a.m. to midnight, and €54 from midnight to 5:00 a.m.

From the Airport to the port of Piraeus

  • Suburban Railway: Take the train towards Piraeus. It leaves on the hour at :09 (from 6:09 am to 22:09) and the journey takes about one hour. The railway station is right next to the metro station and in front of the port.
  • Metro: Take the Metro all the way up to Monastiraki station (departures on the hour at :00 and :30, from 6:30 to 23:30). Change trains (platforms at different levels) and take line 1 towards Piraeus.


From Athens to the port of Piraeus

Port of Piraeus is the biggest port of Athens and the main gateway to the Aegean islands. It is 10 km (6.2 miles) away from Athens center and 47 km (29.2 miles) away from Athens airport. You can get to the port via:
  • Metro: Take Metro line 1 towards Piraeus (from 5am till just after midnight). The terminal station is just across the street from the port. If you’re coming from or going to the airport, change lines at Monastiraki station.
  • Suburban railway: From Athens Central Station the train to Piraeus departs on the hour at :52 from 6:52 am to 22:52.
  • Buses and trolleys: A large number of buses and trolleys connect the port of Piraeus to different areas of Athens. Bus line X80 is an express tourist bus line running during summer months between Piraeus cruise terminal and Athens center (only tickets valid on X80 line are the 3-day tourist ticket and the 24-hour ticket). Bus line 040 runs 24-hours a day, between Syntagma square and the port. Bus route X96 is an express 24-hour line, running between Athens airport and the port of Piraeus.

Moving around the city


Buses and trolleys

Different Athens city buses
Different Athens city buses

City buses and electrical trolley-buses serve Athens and its suburbs. Most vehicles are air-conditioned although most of them have started showing their age. Special schedules apply during summer months of July-September

Operating hours vary according to line/day/season, but generally they run between 5:00 a.m. – midnight. There are also five 24-hour lines, 4 airport lines (see above section), and 8 Express lines.

You can find routes, maps and real time bus movement information for every line on this website: Athens Buses routes and timetables. You can also get additional information by calling 11185 from a Greek phone. For ticket info see Athens Transport tickets and cards.



Athens Rail Transport Map (click to enlarge)

The Athens Metro has 3 lines. Line 1 (the Green line) started operation in 1869, making it the second oldest underground system in the world after the London Underground. Lines 2 and 3 opened in 2000 and increased the Metro’s popularity due to its speed, cleanliness and security. Today’s Athens underground connects important landmarks of the Greek capital, such as the Acropolis, Athens Airport, Port of Piraeus, Central Railway Station and Olympic Stadium, in addition to connecting downtown Athens with the suburbs. Archaeological exhibits found during Metro’s construction and modern works of art are exhibited in many stations. All stations are fully accessible to disabled persons with elevators in every level and platform and most of the trains are air-conditioned.

  • Line 1 (green line): Kifisia – Piraeus
  • Line 2 (red line): Anthoupoli – Eliniko
  • Line 3 (blue line): Airport – Douk. Plakentias – Aghia Marina

All trains stop at all stations all the time, except of the section Airport – Douk. Plakentias of line 3 where trains run every 30 minutes.

Operating hours are 5:30 a.m. to 00:30 a.m., and every Friday and Saturday night, lines 2 & 3 stay open until 2:30 a.m. You can find information about Athens metro, including timetables, maps, parking and safety information on this website. For ticket info see Athens Transport tickets and cards.



Athens Tram
Athens Tram vehicles

Starting operation on the eve of Athens’ Olympics, the Athens Tram connects the city center with the southern seaside. There are 3 lines:

  • Line 1 “Syntagma – SEF” linking downtown Athens to the Peace and Friendship Stadium,
  • Line 2 “Syntagma – Voula” which runs between the city center and southern suburb of Voula and
  • Line 3 “Voula – SEF” running along the coastal zone.

In summer, many Athenians choose tram to visit nearby beaches, seaside cafes and clubs.

Operating hours are 5:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays it operates approximately from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Information on the Athens Tram, including timetables, can be found on on this website. For ticket info see Athens Transport tickets and cards


Suburban Railway

The Suburban Railway, or “Proastiakos”, is part of the national railway network of Greece.
Its 3 main routes are Piraeus – Athens Central Station (also known as Stathmos Larisis)–Kiato, Piraeus – Athens Central Station–Athens Airport and Athens Central Station–Halkida (Chalkis). There are also extra trains between Ano Liosia and Airport station as well as Ano Liosia and Koropi station.

Be aware that different fares apply: the standard 90-minute ticket for the Athens region covers all Proastiakos journeys from Piraeus to SKA and Magoula to Koropi stations, while different fares are charged for more distant stations. See also: Suburban Railway discount policy.

Ath.ena Tickets and Ath.ena Cards are accepted within the urban section of Proastiakos as well as for journeys from/to the airport. Tickets for Proastiakos can be bought at all Proastiakos stations. More information on TrainOSE website.

Current Proastiakos timetables:



Taxis (yellow in Athens, while other colors are preferred elsewhere in Greece) can be a more convenient -although pricier- mean of transportation. While many taxi drivers are excellent professionals, it is believed that some of them try to gain more by opting for the longest route when their passenger (Greek or non Greek) is not familiar with their destination.

Taxi drivers in Athens are required by law to always use a taximeter and issue a receipt at the end of the journey. You can remind your driver to do so in case they don’t turn on their taximeter. There is also an official list of fares and surcharges they must follow. On the islands and elsewhere around Greece, fares are usually subject to agreement at the beginning of the journey.



Long-distance transportation


Athens Central Railway Station
On a platform of Athens Central Railway Station


Long-distance buses (KTEL)

KTEL buses are privately owned bus networks based in every prefecture/island of Greece and often are the most affordable and convenient means of transport, though the quality of service can vary. Detailed information on routes, timetables, ticket fares and practical information can be found at


Greek Railways

TRAINOSE is the only long-distance passenger railway company in Greece. Formerly state-run, from 2017 it belongs to the Italian State Railways. Today most traffic is concentrated on the Athens – Thessaloniki line and the suburban network in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. There are also limited international routes to Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade. Information and ticket sales on TRAINOSE website.


Ticket information




Information resources


Athens metro passing throught ancient agora
Athens metro passing through ancient Agora

Keep in mind that strikes in Greece occur regularly and many times affect transportation even though most times there is an alternative option. Strike schedules are usually announced just 1-3 days in advance, so it’s essential to stay informed. We will try to update the top of this page when we have new strike information. For information about Athens transport routes, schedules and more, you can also call 11185 on a Greek phone.

If you read Greek, you may follow my twitter account @athenstransport for more timely information.

Suggested Websites:


About this website: is a non-for-profit information website, not affiliated with any Athens transportation organization or other local or national government entity. Since 2009 we try to offer accurate information to Athenians and visitors alike. If the above information was useful to you, you may donate a small amount via Paypal

Have a question? Do you think more information should be added to this page? Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter!
Information on this page comes from websites linked above and personal experiences as an Athenian, blogging about transportation in my city. Photos and maps via 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9


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  • soolmaz moeini

    hello.I am a passenger in Athene. I want to go from Airport to peiraius Blue star boat station. how can I go there. how much is the price? is the transportation available early morning? because I have a boat ticket to santorini At 7:00 am

    • There is ALREADY information on how to get from the airport to the port. Take a few minutes to read the article.

  • Kamil

    Hi, can I buy several 5 day tickets and use them one after the previous ended? To travel for many days in a row.

    Also do I need to tap on with this ticket every time I use the bus?

    • You can issue several Athena Tickets each charged with a 5 day ticket. You can’t charge one Athena Ticket with more than one ticket products at once.

      Yes you should tap it every time you enter a bus.

  • Tina

    Hi. If I go to an American university and show my student ID, will I get half off? Also, can I get the half off tickets in the bus itself or do I have to go to a ticket office? If so, what time do they open?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      If you are 25 or younger, yes you’re eligible for 50% discount by showing your passport and your Student ID card. There are some reports, however, that some ticket office staff declined the discount in this case. If they decline it, show them this page from the Public Transport Authority website:

      You can only get reduced tickets from ticket offices at specific central bus stops and at metro stations.

      You can also buy “packs” of 5 or 10+1 reduced tickets at a number of kiosks (periptera). In this case, you don’t need to show your Student ID card or your passport.

      You can find the working hours of the ticket offices at metro stations here:

  • Kim

    Hello. Do the ticket offices accept credit/debit cards?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      Hi! Only some of them. But all the ticket machines do accept if you prefer this payment method.

  • Raja Singh

    How far can we go in metro M3 with a 9 euros – 5 days ticket? Can we go to the airport? If one wants to go to the airport, what additional tiket should one buy?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      To all stations except the airport. You will buy the 10€ aiport ticket. In the ticket machines, you select: Buy Product > Athens & Airport > 90 minutes

  • Raja Singh

    How far can we go in metro M3 with a 9 euros – days ticket? Can we go to the airport?

  • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

    You need your passport if you’re not a Greek citizen to issue a personalized card. You also need your student card in order to get the 50% discount (if you are 25 years old or younger).

  • What did they tell you?

  • Help with transporation


    I will be arriving at the Athens on 14th February.
    Can someone tell me the best route/way/direction from Athens Airport to Grigoriou Afxentiou 20
    This greek alphabeth is giving me nightmares haha xD

    Is it better with a bus or via metro? 🙂
    I have no clue where should I take off lol, alpha beta gammmaa omg xD


    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      According to Google Maps, the best and shortest way (1h 8min) to go there is to take the metro from the airport (towards Ag. Marina), which costs 10€. Then, you will exit at Megaro Moussikis station. When you reach the ticket level, you will take the exit on your left, when facing the ticket machines.

      From there, it’s a 10 minute walk. I have attached a map, below.

      P.S. As you can see, some buses take you nearer to your destination, but believe me, using the buses here, is a nightmare.

  • Alex Orbán

    Hello. I want to ask, I buy one 24 hour ticket, it’s valuable to airport?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      For the airport, you can buy the 10€ airport ticket (valid for unlimited travel with 90 min. as well as a trip to the airport) or the 22€ Airport & Return 3-day ticket (valid for unlimited travel within 72h, as well as a trip from and one to the airport).

  • Pedro Fortunato

    I`m going to Athens later this week for a 3-day trip and I`m wondering if it`s possible to get a transport card with reduced fare on the airport. I`m 23 and I have a student ID card from Europe

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      Hello! You can get a reduced personalized card at the ticket office for buses at the airport.
      And yes, you’re eligible for reduced fare, since you are under 25 and you have a student ID card from a foreign university.
      You also need your passport to issue the card.

  • elisabeth perri

    I have 2 children – 18 yrs old and 20 yrs old – who now study full time for a bachelor degree at London Universities. I need you to confirm that they are both eligible for the 5 euro ticket from Neratziotissa to the airport. One child is at LSE which is part of Universities of London and the other is at City University of London. They both have student cards. The staff at the station told me that on one side of the station, they may pay 7.50 euro instead of 5 euro and that the child with a student card saying LSE – London School of Economics and Political Science – may not be allowed a discount at all. LSE is one of the most prestigious and well known universities in England. I am very confused.

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      Hello, since your children are under 25 and are students of a foreign university, they both have to pay a reduced 5€ ticket.

      What they have to do, is to go to the ticket office of the Neratziotissa metro station (not at the Suburban Raiway one) and buy 2 reduced airport metro tickets (2×5€ = 10€), by demonstrating their Student IDs and then use the tickets at the Suburban railway station to go to the airport from there (they touch-in at the Suburban Railway station gates).

      The ticket office at Neratziotissa metro station is open from 06:00 to 20:00 daily.

    • The student ticket to the airport by Suburban Railway costs 7.5 euros indeed. 5 euros is the price of the reduced metro ticket to the airport.

      Previous commenter had wrong information therefore his comment was deleted.

  • Tan Li Ming

    I missed my flight because of a strike. It caused multiple trains to stop at Doukisis Plakentias and not carry on to the airport. Now I need to submit a proof of strike to make my claim for a new air ticket. Is there someone I can contact to have this handled?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      Hello, the last strike was on December 14th, where metro trains couldn’t continue to the airport due to a 24h strike of the National Rail employees.
      In that case the official announcement of the strike is at this link: (in greek only).

      However, if your flight was between 09:00 and 21:00, you could take an Airport Express Bus and for that reason, you may be denied a ticket.

      Anyway, first, try contacting the airline and they will tell you if can get a new ticket free or not.

      • Tan Li Ming

        Thank you so much for your advice! We are already home in Singapore and we are unable to contact Athens Transport. We need to submit a letter to our insurance company, signed by Athens Transport mentioning the train service disruption to the airport. By doing so, we can make a full claim. The train we took was a morning train, around 7am in the morning.

        • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

          Hello, Athens Transport has nothing to do with the Public Transport Authority. It’s an independent informational site.
          You can contact the authority from this number: +30 2108200999

  • Ian Jolliffe

    Do the trains and buses run on New Year’s Day?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      If they do it like last year, on New Year’s Day, the trains and the buses run and they follow the schedule used on Sundays.
      You can find the metro schedule here:
      And the schedule of the buses here:

      The official announcement about the schedule on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day will be made the week before Christmas.

  • You don’t need to have a picture with you, they will take one over there.

  • Mark Harrington

    I will be visiting Athens again in October 2018 and I shall be using the public travel services which I have used many times before and which I find to be really good value. I have looked through many questions on the site but have not yet seen this one.
    Q. Does a 3 day tourist pass mean 72 hours? In other words if I arrive at Athens airport on Friday night at 20.00 hours and go back to the airport on Monday at 11.30 Hours (within 72 hours) is the 3 day ticket still valid? Ευχαριστώ πολύ…

    • Hi, yes it means 72 hours from the first time you use it.

      • Mark Harrington

        Σας ευχαριστώ για την άμεση απάντησή σας!


    If there is a transport strike in central Athens, such as the Metro strike tomorrow, are the transport retrictions (dactilio) still in place?

    • Δημήτρης Σαρτζετάκης

      Unfortunately, it will be still in place. There is no restriction only when there is strike on all means of transport, incl. busses, trolleys, trams and metro.


        Thank you for the information as I have had many contradicting information over the past years.

  • Idyl

    Hello, I’m about to fly to Athens next week and would like to know where can we buy tickets for the Express bus in the airport?

    • Hello, I have already replied to your previous comment. The ticket office is next to the express buses departures. That’s right outside the exit at the arrivals level (follow signs to buses)

  • Jo G

    hi can you buy tickets in advance to use from the cruise port in Pireaus into Athens. It would be our last port of call before flying home so could leave ship anytime from 7am but would need to be back at Pireaus no later than 2.30pm …can you advice best route and best way to pre book tickets

    • Hello, if money is not an issue I would suggest to take a taxi from the cruise terminal to Piraeus metro station which is 10-15 minutes away (by taxi) from the cruise terminal. You can buy tickets at the station and be downtown in under 30 minutes. There is no way to buy tickets before you get to Piraeus.

  • Sílvia Lapa

    I’m arriving next Thursday to Athens for a one month vacation. Is it possible to get a 30days travel card? If so, is it available from that moment or will I need to wait for the card to be ready? Thank you.

    • You’ll be able to issue it next Thursday, it only take a minute. You’ll need your passport and a small photo.

      • Sílvia Lapa

        Thanks for the information. The one month travel card will be valid for the next 30 days or from the 1st to 31th august?

  • Jodie Byrtus

    The airport return tickets are only valid for 48hrs, not 7 days beware!

  • davidkolhoff

    Please, can you tell me if express bus X80 will be operating on May 29, 2017? I need to go to the Port of Piraeus from the Plaka area of Athens. I will also post this in Greek using Google translate. Please excuse any inappropriate translation and my ignorance of Greek.

    Παρακαλώ, μπορείτε να μου πείτε αν λεωφορείο express X80 θα λειτουργούν στις 29 Μαΐου 2017; Πρέπει να πάτε στο λιμάνι του Πειραιά από την περιοχή πλάκα της Αθήνας. Θα τοποθετήσω επίσης αυτό στην ελληνική γλώσσα χρησιμοποιώντας το Google μεταφράζει. Παρακαλώ συγχωρήστε οποιαδήποτε ακατάλληλη μετάφραση και μου την άγνοια της Ελληνικής.

  • jay

    Great site thanks. So all the metro tickets are also valid
    for buses (excluding special airport transports) as long as within
    validity (90 min or 3 days etc)? And Required to go through driver on buses or
    can hop on back? Thanks

    • You are correct. On buses, you can enter from any door, excluding buses to/from the airport where everyone enters from the first door.

  • James Hunter

    Hi staying at Arethusa Hotel in Athens need help and directions on using ,Airport to Hotel using public Transport (Airport Train) and also help with best way to go from Arethusa Hotel to Piraeus Port BUS ,Train ,Tram to use High Speed Ferry to Santorini need to be at Piraeus Port by 6:00 -6:15am

  • Traveler171

    Hello – Can metro tickets be purchased with a credit card at the Athens Airport?

    • Hello, the answer I just got from the operating company is that the Metro ticket booth at Athens airport does not currently accept credit cards. However, you can buy a ticket using credit card from the bus ticket booth instead.

  • Hello, I don’t understand where you want to go but have you tried Google Maps?

  • Leonid Sokolov

    Can we get from the Airport to Piraeus and from there to Aegina on 11.05 ? Thank you!

    • Hi I’m not sure I understand. Is there a specific boat you want to catch for Aegina departing at 11.05? Or is that the time you arrive in Athens? What exactly do you mean?

      • Leonid Sokolov

        Hi! Thank you for your response. My apologies for not being precise. My worry was, that transport may be down due to general strike (that’s how it seemed on the news here, and I could not find out anything concrete).
        If you could make a recommendation how to get to Aegina on the 11.05, arriving at the Athens Airport at 15:10. We don’t have any boat in mind, as long as we arrive on Aegina the same day.

        • Right now there are no scheduled transport related strikes. From the port of Piraeus there are departures to Aegina every 30 mins to an hour from early morning to late afternoon. Online I see that the last boat departs at 17:45 but there might actually be some leaving later. In any case you’ll have plenty of time to reach Piraeus if you arrive in Athens at 15:10.

          • Leonid Sokolov

            Thank you very much for your answer. Looking forward a lot to greece!

  • Elaine Burden

    will be coming to athens later this year and was thinking of getting thr 3 day tourist card. Will be arriving at airport on sunday evening, hotel in athens centre for 2 nights then going to cruise port to embark ion cruise on tues morning. Was thinking metro from airport to centre and bus from centre to cruise port. Is that poss?
    any advice gratefully received..

  • Luca Tavian

    How do I make a complaint?

  • Luca Tavian

    How do I make a complaint?

  • Luca Tavian

    How do I make a complanit?

  • Novi Svet

    Hi, I would like to get some advice from you. We will arrive to Athens Airport at 22:45 and stay 3 days. If I plan to travel from/to the airport with metro is the 3-day tourist ticket could be a good idea? Better suggestion!? Can I buy 3-day tourist ticket at 23:00 when I will arrive to airport?
    Thank you.


    Hi I am a mature student studying in London in a university, will I be able to get discount on the public transport in Greece?

  • biggles thecat

    With the new situation fom September 1, does the €10 weekly travel pass cover 5 days from the date of purchase or only the 5 working days of the week (ie, Mon-Fri)?
    Also, what are the validation rules for this card? Do you only validate it on Day 1 or does it need to be validated once on each of the 5 days?

    • The rules don’t change. The 5 day ticket will be valid for 5×24 hours after the first validation. It is validatated only once, at the beginning of the first journey.

      • biggles thecat

        Thank you for confirming these details – we’ll be visiting Athens next month and your advice (and indeed your whole site) has been invaluable! I’d be delighted to contribute via paypal in a small way to show my gratitude.

        • It’s my pleasure to be able to help 🙂 Let me know if the paypal link at the end of the article is not working.

  • G. Yestrau


    I’m planning on travelling to Greece in the upcoming spring/summer and I’m attempting to plan my route from Patra to Athens.

    I have been able to find tickets for a bus from Patra to Kiato, but I am having problems finding a train ticket from Kiato to Athens (or near Athens) even though all the information I have seen says these tickets should be available quite easily.

    The Trainose website does not show any available trips from Kiato in that direction.

    Any information would be helpful!


    • Hello there, a single train ticket from Kiato to Athens costs €12 but if you buy it together with the Patra-Kiato bus ticket there is a small deduction. Suburban railway tickets (such as the Kiato – Athens Airport route) can’t be booked online because those trains don’t have numbered seats. The only option is to buy a ticket at the station before you board the train (I believe you can also buy it in Patra). Note that many of those travelling from Patra to Athens and vice versa prefer to use a direct bus instead of the TRAINOSE bus to Kiato and then 2 different trains to get to Athens. Let me know if I can offer you any more help.

  • J. Blish

    How about Nerantzotissa?

    Incidentally, the Koropi Station has 2 lifts and 2 esclators, none of which work, and a very long staircase to climb. No good for disabled persons.

    • Neratziotissa is going to get a taxi stand in the following days/weeks. However, there’s already a taxi stand outside The Mall.

      All proastiakos stations have infrastructure problems. I don’t see things getting better before TRAINOSE gets privatized next year. (Even though stations will still be owned by the government).

  • J. Blish

    It would be very helpful to find out which metro and HSAP stations have and/or do not have taxis available. Some stations, like Irinis, are impossible without an appointment.

    • From what I know there is no information on which metro stations have taxi stands anywhere online. Due to its location, Irini station is one of the least used stations (except of when there are sport events at OAKA), and happens to be in some distance from any major roads. However, it’s relatively easy to find a taxi outside most of the other stations (or in a close distance from them).

  • Just returned from a business trip to Athens and was very shocked by the utter rudeness and contempt shown by the women in the ticket booth at the metro station in the airport. “Come on! Come on!” she screamed at the people in front of me who were dithering before leaving her counter. Fair enough, they were holding things up ever so slightly… But then she did exactly the same to me while I was just trying to put my change in my wallet and pick up my tickets. She was rude throughout the brief interaction and was a very poor ambassador for Athens. This person should not be allowed to interact with customers, let alone be the first experience of Athens for international travellers!

    • I understand it looked bizarre to you, but this was the typical behaviour of a Greek civil servant. It’s what every Greek faces every time they come in contact with someone employed by the government. Once in a while, I might find a polite person and I always feel the need to tweet “A person just did his job and was polite to me!”. I’m afraid it’s a cultural thing, and it doesn’t matter how much we complain. Nothing ever changes, because there are no consequences for their behaviour.

      However, if you would like to complain to Athens Urban Transport Organization, you can do so by completing this form. They are required to respond to everyone.

      I’m sorry for you bad experience. I do hope you met some polite people in Athens as well 🙂

  • Helen Nickolson

    Would it be possible to take the Metro from the airport toward Agia Marina to catch a ferry at Agia Marina for Nea Styra? I believe that there is a bus that can be taken from one of the Metro stops to Agia Marina. Thank you so much.

  • sherif helal

    Please advise me back, how I can get from Athens Airport to Novotel downtown hotel where I will spend 1 night then I need also to go to Rafina port by also public transport.

    • Please check your hotel’s website, there are detailed information on how to reach them. You need to go from the airport to Athens center (bus or metro) and from there to Larissa metro station.

      For Rafina port there are buses departing from Pedion tu Areos, close to Victoria metro station. Your hotel’s staff should be happy to give you all the information you need.

  • Αλεξανδρος

    Παρακαλω να με ενημερωσετε τι ωρες (πρωινες) φευγει ο προαστιακος απο
    σταθμο Λαρισσης και απο Νερατζιωτισσα για το αεροδρομιο Ελ. Βενιζελος. Ευχαριστω

  • eva

    Parakalo na mas grapseis How to go to the beaches around Athens by bus or train, and which stops to get off. Efxarsto

    • This is a blog post I’m planning to write in Greek first but it won’t be easy as it needs a lot of original research. It will happen though 😉

  • Σ’ευχαριστώ πάρα πάρα πολύ για τις πληροφορίες! My Greek is not very good so this page is very helpful.