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Starting in 2017, a new electronic ticketing system was introduced in the Athens public transport network, replacing the older paper tickets and cards.

Fare prices remained the same, but the way you pay and use the tickets changed.

Last updated: May 10th, 2021

This guide on using Athens transport tickets and cards is divided into 4 sections:

A. Types of tickets and cards
B. Athens Transport Fares
C. Charging and recharging tickets and card
D. Using tickets and cards

A. Types of tickets and cards

1. What are the different types of tickets and cards for Athens public transport?

There are 3 new types of Athens Transport tickets:

  • The Ath.ena Ticket
  • The personalized Ath.ena Card
  • The anonymous Ath.ena Card

The Ath.ena Ticket at a glance:

  • What is it? Paper rechargeable ticket that can be charged with fares from simple 90-minute tickets up to 5-day tickets. Tickets for trips to/from the airport exist as well.
  • Who is it for? People who don’t use the transport regularly and just want a ticket to get to their destination.
  • The good: You don’t need to show a document or wait in line to get one. You can just go to a ticket machine.
  • The bad: It can’t be recharged while there’s already a ticket inside so you might end up needing more than one. Also, you can’t get half-priced tickets with it.

The anonymous Ath.ena Card at a glance:

  • What is it? Plastic rechargeable card that can be charged with any fare, up to 5-day tickets.
  • Who is it for? People who don’t use the transport regularly but would rather use a plastic card than a paper ticket.
  • The good: You don’t need to show a document to get one.
  • The bad: You can only issue it at ticket offices, you can’t get half priced tickets and it has very few of the advantages of a personalized Ath.ena Card.

The personalized Ath.ena Card at a glance:

  • What is it? Plastic rechargeable card with the photo and name of the passenger it belongs to. It can be charged with any fare, up to a 365-day ticket or an amount up to 50 euros.
  • Who is it for? The frequent users of Athens transport as well as anyone who wants a half-priced ticket.
  • The good: You can buy tickets online and charge your card using your smartphone or a ticket machine, you can re-issue it if you lose it.
  • The bad: Issuing it can be a hassle, there are limits as to how many tickets you can charge it with.

Here’s a table with some main differences between the 3 types of Athens Transport Tickets & Cards:

B. Athens Transport Fares

Remember that regardless of what type of ticket you are going to choose, all fares:

  • Can be bought regardless of when they are going to be used. Any fare is valid with the first “touch in” of the card.
  • Fares that aren’t used, remain inside the Ath.ena Card or Ath.ena Ticket and can be used in the future as long as the ticket or card stays in a good condition.
  • Only personalized Ath.ena Cards can be charged and recharged online. Still though, you’ll need to use a smartphone or go to a ticket machine to charge your card with the fare you bought online, before you can use it.

2.  What fares can I charge my Ath.ena Ticket or Ath.ena Card with?

You can charge and recharge your Ath.ena Ticket or Ath.ena Card with a number of short-term and long-term fares, as seen in the following 3 tables.

You can also charge your Ath.ena Ticket or Card directly with an amount of up to €50, without having to buy a specific fare.

Attention: The following prices are valid for ticket purchases from June 1st 2020 until -at least- September 30th 2021

  • All of the fares of the table above can be used for an unlimited number of transfers on: city Buses (excluding Airport express buses and X80 line), Trolley-Buses, Tram, Metro (all stations except Airport), Suburban Railway (only the urban section, no Airport).
  • 90-minute tickets are valid for 90 minutes after the first ‘touch in’, 24-hour tickets for 24 hours after the first ‘touch in’, and 5-day tickets for 5×24 hours after the first ‘touch in’. For example, if the first time you use the 5-day ticket is at 10:05 am on Thursday it will be valid until 10:05am on Tuesday.

Attention: The following prices are valid for ticket purchases from June 1st 2020 until -at least- September 30th 2021

  • Airport Express bus tickets are valid only for one ride on an airport express bus, and no other transfer.
  • Metro tickets to the airport are valid for 90 minutes after their validation for transportation and transfers on the same modes as the 90-minute tickets, plus a transfer from/to the airport with the metro. They are NOT valid for rides on Airport express buses.
  • 3 day (tourist) tickets are valid for: 1 round trip from/to Athens International airport by Metro or Express Bus and unlimited travel on all other modes for 3 days (72 hours after the first ‘touch in’), including line X80 (for example from 10am on Friday till 10am on Monday). Both airport transfers must be concluded within 72 hours.

Attention: The following prices are valid for ticket purchases from June 1st 2020 until -at least- September 30th 2021

  • Long term tickets are only available through personalized Cards.
  • Each ticket is valid starting from the first ‘touch in’, regardless of the day of the month, and until midnight of the last day. For example, a 30-day ticket that is first used at 2:20 pm on October 15 will be valid until 23:59:59 on November 14.
  • Cards for all modes excluding airport, are valid for unlimited transportation and transfers on city buses (excluding airport lines and X80 line), trolley-buses, tram, metro (excluding travels from/to the airport) and suburban railway (only the urban section excluding airport).
  • Cards for all modes including airport, are valid for unlimited transportation and transfers on these modes plus trips from to/the airport by metro, suburban railway (for trips from/to the urban section plus airport) or bus.

3. What kind of ticket do I need to travel from/to the Athens airport?

To travel from to/the Athens airport and the city of Athens you need one of the following tickets:

  • A metro ticket for the airport 
  • A return ticket to the airport by Metro within 48 hours
  • An Airport Express bus ticket
  • A 3-day (tourist) ticket 
  • Any long-term ticket (from 30 days) which includes airport transfers

NO other tickets are valid for travelling from/to the Athens airport and the city.

See also: How to get to the Athens airport and the port – All the information you need about how to travel between the Athens airport (and the port of Piraeus) and the center of Athens using public transport.

4. I’m flying to Athens for a few days. Any advice on which ticket I should use?

It all depends on how you’re going to travel between Athens and the airport, how often you’re going to use public transport while in Athens, and how many days you’re going to stay.

  • If you plan to stay in Athens for up to 3 days, you should consider purchasing a 3-day (tourist) ticket (€20) upon your arrival at the airport. Especially if you travel between the airport and the city center by Metro, and also take a few shorter rides while in Athens, this should be the best ticket for you.  However, if you’re going to use an express bus for the airport (€5.50 per route) and then take the metro while in the city just a few times it might be better purchasing 90-minute tickets (€1.20 each, cheaper if you buy several) or get a 24 hour ticket (€4.10). (Remember, 90-minute tickets, 24 hours, and 5 days tickets are not valid for trips from/to the airport.)
  • If you plan to stay in Athens for longer than 3 days, you will definitely need separate tickets for your Airport – Athens center (and vice versa) trips and your trips within Athens. Express buses from/to the airport (€5.50) cost cheaper than taking the Metro (€9).
    For your trips within Athens, a 5 days ticket (€8.20), or a 24 hours ticket (€4.10) might be cheaper than purchasing several 90-minute tickets (€1.20 each, cheaper if you buy several) for every trip.

5. Who can use a Reduced Price Ticket or travel Free of Charge?

Reduced price tickets (also known as ‘half priced’ although they’re cheaper than that) for Athens public transport are available for:

  1. Children aged 7-12 (regardless of nationality)
  2. Teenagers aged 13-17  (including 17, regardless of nationality) – ID card or passport needed
  3. Seniors over the age of 65 (regardless of nationality) – ID card or passport needed
  4. Students at public Greek universities and TEI (regardless of nationality, ERASMUS students included) as long as they have an academic ID card (issued online) with the indication “ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΕΙΣΙΤΗΡΙΟΥ”.
  5. IEK (state-run or private) students up to the age of 22, with a student pass
  6. Students who study at universities outside Greece up to the age of 24 (including those aged 24, regardless of nationality), after showing a Student Card – University ID card and passport or ID card.
  7. Members of Greek families with 4 children or more, with a special pass.

Also, free of charge travel is available, among others, for:

  1. Children under the age of 6 (including those aged 6), regardless of nationality. No need to issue a ticket/card, children travel accompanied by an adult.
  2. Unemployed citizens of Greece, with a valid OAED card (excluding trips on suburban railway). Issue of personalized card and monthly recharge required.
  3. Disabled persons, citizens of Attica region. Issue of personalized card and recharge required.


If you are eligible for a half-priced ticket, you will have to issue a personalized Ath.ena Card. Alternatively, you can buy half priced tickets at all suburban railway stations (and only there). The fare will be loaded on a “train ticket” which is valid for transfers all over Athens.

C. Charging and recharging tickets and cards

6.  How and where can I buy and recharge an Ath.ena Ticket?

Ath.ena Tickets are available at every open Athens transport ticket office, as well as on automatic ticket machines. Also, at a variety of locations (newsagents, kiosks etc.) all over Athens.

You can buy an Ath.ena Ticket online, as long as you are already a registered user of an Ath.ena Card (in that case you’ll receive a code and issue it at a ticket machine).

According to the Athens Transport authority, credit cards are accepted at all ticket offices and ticket machines.

Since there are no half priced Ath.ena Tickets, you don’t need to show any document in order to buy a ticket.

You can recharge an Ath.ena Ticket at all Athens transport ticket offices, as well as on automatic ticket machines.

Locations and hours of operation of Athens Transport Ticket offices

Ticket offices are open at:

You can also see a map of all points you can buy and recharge Tickets and Cards (only in Greek as of 2020)

Basic use of an Athens Transport ticket machine:

To use the machine in English, tap on the British flag:

On the screen that follows there are these options:

  • Buy Travel Product: Tap this to buy a new Ath.ena Ticket charged with the fare of your choice
  • Card info: Tap this to see what fares (if any) your ticket or card is charged with and when they expire. Place your ticket or card in the recharge slot before you tap this.
  • Top Up: Tap this to recharge your Ath.ena Ticket or Ath.ena Card (remember: the Ath.ena Ticket has to be empty to be recharged, the Ath.ena Card can be recharge as long as it’s empty OR it has one ticket product that is in use)
  • Online Booking: Tap this if you’ve already bought a fare online

Tip: If you make a wrong choice, tap on the green ‘Back’ button. Press ‘Cancel’ if you want to exit the menu completely.

If you tap ‘Buy Travel Product or Top Up, you’ll see the following choices:

  • Airport Express Bus: (self explanatory)
  • Athens & Airport: Tap this if you want a fare that includes a Metro trip to the Airport
  • Athens & Airport, round: Tap this if you want a fare that includes a round trip to the Airport by Metro
  • Athens Area: Tap this for fares that don’t include trips to the Airport

These are the options if you tap ‘Athens Area’. The single ticket is the last option (90 minutes). ‘2 trips’ means two 90-minute tickets that you can use for numerous transfers while they’re valid.

After you choose your fare (‘product type’ according to the machine, you can choose how many of them (tickets NOT fares) you want (if you’re buying an Ath.ena Ticket) and the way you will pay:

If you choose to pay by Cash, the screen will show you what banknotes and coins are accepted (note that banknotes of much larger value than your ticket are not accepted):

If you choose to pay by credit card, check the small screen over the credit card slot:

Recharging you Ath.ena Card is a similar process (you use the ‘Top Up’ option).

7.  How and where can I buy an anonymous Ath.ena Card?

You can buy an anonymous Ath.ena Card from every open Athens Transport ticket office (see a list above, under question 6). You cannot buy it on automatic machines or online. Credit cards are accepted at all metro and tram ticket offices according to the Athens Transport authority.

You don’t need to show any document in order to buy an anonymous Ath.ena Card.

You can recharge your anonymous Ath.ena Card at all Athens transport ticket offices, as well as on ticket machines.

8.  How and where can I buy a personalized Ath.ena Card?

You can issue a personalized Ath.ena Card at specific Athens transport ticket offices. In particular, at most but not all open Metro stations and at the bus ticket offices in the airport and at Syntagma square (see list and times of operation above, under question 6).

If you are a resident of Greece, you can issue a personalized Ath.ena Card online and have it mailed to a Greece address. In this case though it’s impossible to predict how long it will take to arrive. More info (in Greek)

To issue a card for the first time, you need your passport (if you are a Greek citizen you need your Greek ID card and an AMKA document instead). For a half-priced card, you also need to show the appropriate document that proves you are eligible (for example university card). An online application can speed up the process [link – make sure to print the QR code] but you’ll still need to go to a ticket office in order to get your card issued.

During the issuing process, the clerk will take your photo using a webcam and will ask you to type an 8-digit PIN code for your card (make sure you write it down). The whole process takes less than 5 minutes.

You can recharge your personalized Ath.ena Card at Athens transport ticket offices, ticket machines, as well as online through the website (You buy a fare or add an amount of money online but the actual “recharging” of the card must take place on a ticket machine or with the Athena Card app for Android phones).

D. Using tickets and cards

9.  How do I use an Ath.ena Ticket or Ath.ena Card?

Ath.ena Tickets and Ath.ena Cards are made from different materials but use the same contactless technology.

In buses, trolley-buses and the Tram, you use the blue card readers, installed close to all doors (in buses, -pre COVID-19- you were supposed to enter from the front door). You place your Ath.ena Ticket or Ath.ena Card close to the ‘contact point’, under the screen. A sound and message on the screen (green color) will let you know that your card is valid (you can also see the time or tickets remaining in the card). Red color on the screen means that something went wrong (empty or invalid card/ticket etc). You need to touch in every time you enter a bus/trolley bus/tram, regardless of the fare you are using. You DON’T need to touch in again before exiting the vehicle (you won’t be over-charged if your ticket is still valid, it’s just not needed).

On the metro and suburban railway, you need to pass through the gates installed at every station. Use the card reader on your right side as you’re going through the gate. Again, a sound and message on the screen will let you know whether your card was read successfully, and of course, in that case, the gate will open. You need to do this as you enter AND exit every station.

You can see the remaining time of your ticket while touching in the card as well as at ticket machines and ticket offices.

Use the reader on your RIGHT as you go through

10. How about Athens Suburban Railway and other Railway tickets?

Athens Suburban Railway (Proastiakos) differs from the rest of the Athens public transport network in that it is operated by TrainOSE, a private company. TrainOSE is using a different electronic ticket system which is 100% compatible with the one used on the rest of the transport network.

Ath.ena Tickets and Athena Cards are accepted within the urban section of the Suburban Railway as well as the Airport station. For journeys from/to Athens Airport to/from any station within the urban section, metro tickets for the airport are valid and can be used in place for suburban railway tickets.

Ticket offices at Suburban Railway stations issue a ticket labeled “TRAIN TICKET” which is compatible and can be used to travel on buses/metro/tram etc.

  • For journeys to or from stations outside the urban section, you’ll need a more expensive ticket which can be bought at all suburban railway ticket offices (open at every station). More info at TRAINOSE website.

More information

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  1. Hello,

    I will land at the Athens Airport Sunday at 22.20; after clearing the passport control (I come from outside the Schengen area) will be probably 22.50. Will I be able to buy the 22euro, 3 day (72 hours) tourist ticket from somewhere at that time? If yes, from a counter or from a machine? Thanks.

    • When you exit the airport and you are at the airport bus station there is both a ticket office and a ticket machine. The same applies for the airport metro station. (Otherwise, how someone would be able to buy a ticket?)

      Tip: If you buy the ticket from the ticket machine, it’s not called “Tourist ticket” there. To buy it, you select language > Buy travel product > Athens & Airport, Return > 3 days

    • No, since it wouldn’t be compatible with the current ticketing system and you also wouldn’t be able to open the gates at metro stations.

      There is only an app that you can use to top up your personalized ATH.ENA Card using your smartphone (only on NFC-supported devices)

  2. Είμαστε μια οικογένεια με 4 παιδιά (είμαστε όλοι Έλληνες πολίτες) που ζούμε στο εξωτερικό και που σύντομα θα επισκεφθούμε την Αθήνα. Πώς μπορούμε να επωφεληθούμε από τα μειωμένα εισιτήρια και τιμές; Πρέπει ο καθένας να βγάλει μια κάρτα Ath.ena; Εάν ναι, πού μπορούν να εκδοθούν αυτές οι κάρτες; Θεόδωρος από Καναδά.

    • Καλησπέρα!
      Με βάση όσα λέει στο site του ΟΑΣΑ ( ) φαίνεται πως πρέπει να είστε μόνιμοι κάτοικοι Ελλάδας για να δικαιούστε όλοι μειωμένο εισιτήριο λόγω του ότι είστε πολύτεκνοι.

      Βεβαια, τα παιδιά εφόσον είναι ανήλικα δικαιούνται ούτως ή αλλως μειωμένο κόμιστρο. Για να βγάλουν μειωμένο κόμιστρο πρέπει να πηγαίνετε κάθε φορά σε εκδοτήριο για να αγοράζετε μειωμένα εισιτήρια.

      Αν προτιμάτε να βγάλετε προσωποποιημένη καρτα ώστε τα παιδιά να μπορούν και αυτά να φορτίζουν την καρτα με μειωμένα εισιτήρια από αυτοματο μηχάνημα, μπορείτε να εκδώσετε από το εκδοτήριο των λεωφορείων στο Αεροδρόμιο, το οποίο βρίσκεται έξω από τις πύλες 4-5 των αφίξεων. Την ώρα που ο εκδότης εκδίδει την κάθε καρτα πείτε του να την φορτίσει και με εισιτήριο μετρό αεροδρομίου ή λεωφορείου αεροδρομίου (σε περίπτωση που χρησιμοποιήσετε κάποιο από αυτά τα μέσα).

      Για τις προσωποποιημένες κάρτες χρειάζεστε το διαβατήριο του κάθε ατόμου ή τον ΑΜΚΑ αν και όσοι έχετε. Για πιο γρήγορη εξυπηρέτηση στο εκδοτήριο, συμπληρώστε την αίτηση που θα βρείτε εδώ ( ) για κάθε άτομο και εκτυπώστε το QR Code, το οποίο θα δείξετε στον εκδότη.

  3. Kalimera ! Hello !

    We ‘re a french company planning an holiday camp for teenagers in Greece in July 2018, travelling only with national buses.

    Because we will be a
    group of 18 people, we need to insure to have places enough in the
    buses so we would like to book our rides in advance.

    For this, we would need some advises please :

    is the best
    way to book in advance the rides with buses ktel ? and which are the
    different possibilities (online booking / booking at ktel offices in
    some cities / booking at tourist offices in some cities…?).

    we are interested by any kinf of advises, information, documents which
    could help us in the organisation of our transports and for avoiding any
    kind of difficulties during our travel.

    Thanks a lot !
    Best regards.

    • Hello! As you may have noticed this site is an informational site about the public transport in Athens (not connected with the Public Transport Authority) and this page about the tickets and cards.

      If you want to contact with the KTEL companies, visit their websites:

      Attica region KTEL:

      Thessaloniki region KTEL:

      And since you are 18 persons, I suggest contacting a travel agent to help you organize your trip and book bus trips, hotels etc.

  4. Hi, I have 5 day ticket, which I validated at Saturday 19.5. around 13:00. After validation it showed date and time 23.5. 23:59. On this side you say it’s valid for 5x24h, but from the validation machine in bus, it look like it’s valid for 5 calendar day, which one is true. Can I still use ticket at Thursday 24.5. morning? Thanks.

    • Hello! I remind you that this site is an informational one and not the official site of the Public Transport Authority.

      Regarding your question, I also remember being for 5x24h and that what the official site of the ticketing system says ( in Greek only) but if what you say is true they probably changed it to match the way the 30, 90, 180 & 365-day ticket products work.

      Just to be sure, go to a ticket machine to check what it writes (you put the card in the case and you tap Card Info). If it says until 23/5 23:59, it’ll be valid until then.

    • Hello!
      Which ticket product did you select? (And keep the receipt)

      Also, I want to remind you that this site is not the one of the public transport authority, so we can’t do something about the rude staff (unfortunately some of them are rude, but not all of them).

    • Hello!
      There is one, as you enter the station when coming from the airport. At the level where the ticket gates are.

      Unfortunately, there is no half-priced 3 day ticket, as you may have read at the article. So the only options are the 5€ airport tickets and single tickets of 0.60€ from the rest of your journeys here.

  5. Hello, I’m coming to Athens next week and I’ll be living there for a month. I’m not a citizen of Athens nor Greece, I’m from Serbia, so I was wondering whether it will be possible for me to get that personalized card. Considering the fact that I’m also a student, I should be able to get the half priced card. Is this all doable? Thank you in advance!!!

    • Hello!
      Yes, it’s possible using your passport. If the ticket office staff decline to issue a card with passport, insist. Just make sure, that the stations issues personalized cards.

      If you are a student and 25 or younger, you are eligible for half priced ticket by showing your student ID card.

  6. Hi, I would like to inquire the tickets for suburban railway. I with my husband would like to take the suburban from airport to Athens railway station to start the journey. Is it correct that we buy two 24 h tickets and plus two metro ticket for the airport? I’m not sure that the metro ticket can be available for suburban.
    Another question is about the recharge problem, we can buy the Ath.ena tickets for 24h-ticket and metro ticket at the same time or we should buy one product (24h-ticket) first, then use the ticket to recharge another product? Thank you.

    • Hello!
      The Suburban Railway needs a special ticket from the airport station. If you only want to do this trip (Airport – Athens), you need only the Suburban Railway airport tickets.

      At the airport station, you’ll be given different electronic tickets for the Suburban Railway (not ATH.ENA Tickets), which are used in the same way. The good thing is that you will be able to recharge them with the 24h tickets at the metro ticket machines at Athens Railway Station (Larissa station metro station).

      And you firstly have to use the airport tickets in order to recharge the electronic ticket with the 24h product, for example. Only ATH.ENA Cards support the ability to store 2 ticket products simultaneously.

    • You can find ticket offices at every metro station and you can buy any type of ticket from there.

      If you mean the places which sell newspapers, drinks, chips etc. with the term “kiosk”, no, you can only buy packs of 5 or 10+1 single tickets from there.

  7. Hi,
    We (my wife, daughter and myself) will travel to Athens next week. My daughter is six years old. According to this website, she does not need any ticket. Please let me know how can she pass through the metro gates without tickets?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello!
      Right now, the gates have not closed at all stations yet, so you touch-in with your ticket and pass through the open gates. You won’t face any problems with your daughter.

      On stations with closed gates, there is at least one open gate for any unemployed or handicapped persons who haven’t issued their free cards already; so again you have no problems.

      In case these gates are closed when you come, your daughter have to pass with you or with your wife, together from the large gate for handicapped persons, which has more sensitive sensors. (You touch-in and pass together).

      In any case, there is no chance of your daughter being injured by the gates, since they’re not closing if there’s a person in-between the “gate pillars”.

    • Hello!
      Firstly, the X96 airport bus has a special 6€ ticket and secondly if you board on this bus, you can only deboard at the airport (Boarding rules apply on all airport express bus lines).

      The most obvious and easy alternative is to take the metro line 1 (green line) from the Piraeus metro station.

  8. Hi,

    We are visiting Athens for one day next month; a mixture of business and pleasure. We fly in from Rhodes in the morning and return in the evening. We have several visits to make and wish to use the Metro Lines 3 and 2 for all of them, there will be five or six journeys. Ideally we would like get to the airport and buy a one-day Metro pass which includes the airport and city and allows several journeys. Is there such a ticket or do we need to buy the 3 day visitor pass?

    Thank you.

  9. Hi!
    Is it possible to combine the METRO Airport Ticket from/to Stations Pallini, Kantza, Koropi for 6 EUR and the 5 days Ticket? From Pallini the 5 days Ticket should be valid, right? So I suppose I would just need to buy the 6 EUR airport ticket and not the 10 EUR one.

    • Hello!
      Note: The 5 day ticket is valid from Koropi station; so Pallini station is included.

      And yes, you can make this combination. You’ll buy the 6€ Airport-Pallini ticket, you will deboard at one of the stations Pallini, Peania-Kantza or Koropi, you’ll touch-out with the 6€ ticket, you’ll buy the 5-day ticket (9€) from the ticket machine, you’ll touch-in and you’ll continue your journey.

        • Firsty, I’m not sure if the 5 day ticket is sold at the airport station.
          Secondly, I remind you that the system works contactlessly, like the Oyster card system for example, so apart from the fact that you won’t be able to get through the gates a second time to touch-in the other ticket, the gates will probably show an error message with the 5 day ticket, since it cannot be used at the airport station.

  10. Hello!
    I’m soon coming to Athens for a week. I’m disabled and have a disabled parking car issued in Poland, but valid in the entire EU. Am I elligible for free public transportation or do I need to be an Attica citizen, or file some additional paperwork? Looking forward to hearing from you!

    • Hello!
      Unfortunately, you have to be a permanent resident of the Attica prefecture to be eligible for free public transportation. So, you pay the full ticket price or if you are a student of age 25 or younger you are eligible for reduced (-50%) ticket prices.

  11. Coming to Athens next month and staying one week. Do I understand correctly, with the 3 day tourist pass, BOTH airport trips must be done within the 3 day period? So no use getting this pass for a 7 day trip – the return to the airport would no longer be valid? Second question. Does the 5 day pass include travel to the port (Piraeus)? 3rd question: No such thing as a 7 day pass?

    • Hello!
      1) Exactly as you describe it.
      2) Yes, it does. Only the airport metro station and the airport buses need a special ticket.
      3) Unfortunately, no. It’s indeed an issue. So if you’re going to stay for seven days, you’ll need 1 5-day ticket (9€) and 2 24h ones (2×4.5=9€). Plus the airport tickets.

  12. I have read that we could buy a tourist card voor 7 days to our visit in Athens. I also saw that as 65 years old we could have a reduction to the price but is not clear of that includes a tourist cart and if not which ones could we use with reduction? Thank you

    • Hello!
      The tourist ticket is for 3 days, not 7. The tourist ticket doesn’t have a discount for elderly people or persons under 18. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy one.

      If you want to buy tickets with 50% discount, you can only buy single tickets of 0.60€ or tickets packs of 2 (1.20€), 5 (3€) or 10+1 (6€) tickets.

      The cheapest solution is, of course, the 10+1 tickets pack, since with this pack each ticket costs 0.54€ instead of 0.60€.

      *With the term “pack”, we mean that all the tickets of the pack are included in 1 paper ticket.

  13. Dear I have two questions. First we will be arriving on sunday 15 of April, having a training course at AUA Athens, covered by Erasmus plus project. mainly we are aged in the 40’s and 50’s. could we use reduced tickets for our stay in Athena. second, can we use the 5 day tickets for multiple trips or for just one trip.

    • Hello!

      1) Unfortunately, eligible for reduced ticket are only persons under 18, students of public universities up to the age of 25 and people who are 65 or older.

      2) The 5 day ticket (9€) is valid for unlimited trips in 120 hours since the first touch-in of the ticket. Remember, that this ticket does not include trips to the airport; you have to buy the separate 10€ ticket for each person (this applies for the 5 day ticket, as well; each ticket is only for 1 person).

      You can use the 5 day ticket for all means of transport except all the airport buses (X93, X95, X96 & X97), the seasonal bus line X80 and in the section Koropi – Airport of metro line 3.

      Remember to touch-in and touch-out every time you pass through a gate and every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.

      As it’s not mentioned in the article, if you prefer credit/debit cards as payment method for buying the tickets, you should use the white/blue ticket machines which accept bank cards, while not all ticket offices do.

      Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

  14. Hello, I read down in the comments that a 3-day ticket includes roundtrip airport transfer as well 3 days of travelling on buses, trams AND the metro, however up in the article it says “roundtrip to airport and unlimited travel on all other modes for 3 days’. Can somebody confirm that these ALL OTHER MODES include the metro trips in the city (aside from the airport transfer) for the 3-day ticket.

    Thanks in advance!

    • You can use all modes of transport (incl. metro, trams, buses and trolleys) for an unlimited period during these 3 days. And you have also a round trip to the airport with metro or with airport buses (X93, X95, X96 & X97).

      What you can’t do is to take an airport bus or go to the airport metro station before the return trip.

      The 3 days (72 hours) start counting from the first touch-in of the ticket at the start of the trip from the airport. You have to touch-in and touch-out with your ticket every time you pass through a gate (open or closed) and touch-in every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.

    • Of course, you can. You just need your passport instead of the Greek Social Security Number. If the person at the ticket office refuses, insist because it’s possible (some ticket office staff, just don’t know it). After you issue your card, you can top it up at a ticket machine with any ticket including the monthly one (30€) or ask the person at the ticket office to top it up for you.

      Note that ticket offices of specific stations issue personalized ATH.ENA Cards.

  15. I am trying to locate some information about the grey Metro line that overlaps with the airport line, i need to travel along this line for several days and want to know if the 5 day pass will be valid for this route? My daily route will be Athens -> Paiania-Kantza -> Athens I can’t seem to locate any info on the fares?

    • That’s the Suburban railway not a metro line and the Athens station where it’s heading is not at the centre of Athens. If you need to go to the centre of athens from Paiania-Kantza, you’ll take the blue line towards Ag. Marina and you’ll get down at the Syntagma station (costs 1.40€).

      The Suburban railway from Paiania-Kantza to the Athens station (which is connected with the Larissa Station metro station), costs 1.40€ as well (the 1.40€ metro tickets are valid on this route). In a white/blue ticket machine, you select: Buy Product > Athens Area > 90 minutes. Don’t forget to touch-in at the ticket barriers!

  16. Καλημέρα! Μήπως γνωρίζετε πότε θα ενεργοποιηθεί η φόρτιση του δωρεάν κομίστρου (επιδότηση) στα αυτόματα μηχανήματα;

  17. Does anyone know what happens with the fantastic App for smartphones? Where you could buy tickets on the go? You could get what ever ticket you needed, 3days, 7 days 90’ Airport. etc. And it gave you an electronic ticket readable for both machines and humans. It was the future, this mess seems so complicated… Some time ago I tried to get a ticket being in Paleo Faliro. The machines couldn’t help me (as mentioned before it only had the options for checking your balance and getting lost in the meny’s. No one around knew anything. I had to take a cab.

    But anyways. You are doing a great job here helping out. Thanks!

    • Firstly, this site has no connection with the public transport company; it’s an independent informational site.

      Regarding your question, the TfA app was removed from both the Play Store and the App Store on October 1st 2017, since it was not compatible with the new ticketing system (the fare gates, to be specific), for 2 reasons:
      1) The gates can read RFID tags only, while smartphones use NFC technology
      2) A lot of passengers who use iPhones would not be able to use the app anymore, since Apple hasn’t enabled the use of the NFC chip by third party developers.

      Regarding the automatic machines, the option “Buy Product” for buying a new ticket has always been there since their installation period between February and July 2017.

      The good news is that the public transport company’s CEO has said last year, that a future expansion of the system will allow the use of supported smartphones as tickets like with the previous system. Until then, the only way for someone to have tickets on the go is to issue a personalized card and download the “ATH.ENA Card” app for Android phones only, with which he can buy tickets and them load them into the card using the NFC chip.

  18. Hi I will arrive at the airpot and will need to go to athens centre for 2 days..then will need to go to megara greece for 6 days (and will not need any transport whilst in megara). however will need transport again to go back to athens and back to airport. what is your advice?

    • Hello! If you want to go directly to the airport from Megara, I suggest taking the Suburban Railway which costs 10€. You’ll take the train from Megara towards Athens and you’ll get down at the Kato Acharnai station. Then, from this station you’ll take another Suburban Railway train towars the airport, which is the last station of that line.

      If you want to go to Athens before going to the airport, you’ll take the same train from Megara and you’ll get down at the Athens station (costs 3€) and then you can take the metro to go where you want to go (costs 1.40€).

  19. Το Disqus είναι ένα δίκτυο συζητήσεων
    Το Disqus δεν ελέγχει, ούτε λογοκρίνει. Οι κανόνες αυτής της κοινότητας, είναι αποκλειστικά δικοί της.
    Δεν χρειάζεται να φερθείτε ανόητα, ή να κάνετε κάτι παράτυπο. Τα πάντα γίνονται ευκολότερα με αυτόν τον τρόπο.
    Διαβάστε όλους τους όρους και τις προϋποθέσεις

    • It’s 22€. It’s valid on all metro, buses, trolleys & trams and it includes one round trip to the airport with the metro or with the airport buses.
      You can purchase it at the airport metro station at a ticket machine, where you press: Buy Product > Athens & Airport, Round > 3 Days.

      You also need to touch-in and touch-out every time you pass through a gate (even if it’s open) and touch-in every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.

      The 3 days start counting from the first touch-in and the airport round trip must be in these 3 days.

    • Συγνώμη που γράφω σε άσχετο θέμα, αλλά δεν βρίσκω άλλον τρόπο επικοινωνίας. Τις τελευταίες ημέρες το Disqus μου εμφανίζει σε (σχεδόν) όλες τις αναρτήσεις το μήνυμα «Τα σχόλια είναι κλειστά για αυτήν την συζήτηση.» και προφανώς δεν μπορώ να σχολιάσω. Τι μπορεί να συμβαίνει; Δεν αντιμετωπίζω τέτοιο θέμα σε άλλες ιστοσελίδες με Disqus.


    • You can use them whenever you want: in the same day, in different days, consecutive or not. And each ticket in the “pack” is valid for 90 minutes.

      Also, there is a daily cap of 4 tickets per day, that means, if you have already used 4 tickets of the pack in one day, no other ticket will be used. Despite this, you continue to touch-in and touch-out every time you pass through a gate (even if it’s open) and touch-in every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.

  20. Hello,
    I will spend 6 weeks in Athens in summer, that’s why I’ve looked for informations about Athens public transport.
    I was wondering if I could use reduced tickets or travel free of charge only with my french student card?
    Do I need to show an europeen student card ?

    Many thanks,

    • Hello! Since, you are a foreign student and only if you are 25 or younger, you are eligible for reduced ticket price (50% discount). I think you are ok with your French card, but in order to be sure, it’s better to apply for a European or International Student ID, if you can.

  21. We are six UK pensioners, 60+, arriving 1800 hrs Monday 5th. I have booked a private transfer to our hotel near Omonia.

    We plan to sight see 6th, ferry to Aegina 7th, sight see 8th then return by public transport to the airport 9AM 9th ( within 72 hours of first using public transport) to collect a minibus and begin travelling on to Olympia and Nafplio.

    Which ticket do you suggest?
    Where/ when can we most easily buy them with our schedule?
    Can we buy reduced tickets at a machine or only “face to face” at a station office?

    I personally am planning to go to Rafina one day. Will the Athens ticket cover this trip? Where is the Rafina terminal in Athens?

    Many thanks,


    • Hello!
      Your tickets depend on how many times you’ll take the public transport. Note, that only if you are over 65 years old, you are eligible for reduced tickets.
      • For those who are between 60 and 64:
      If you’re going to use public transport for more than 3 times day, you should get 2 24h tickets (2×4.5=9€), one for each full day, and per person. Otherwise, get 1 ticket for 2 90min rides (2.7€), per person.
      • For those who are 65 or older:
      Buy at least 2 tickets for 2 90min rides (2×1.2=2.4€), per person (The 24h ticket is not available, as reduced)
      Then for the airport ride buy one ticket per person (10€ full price and 5€ reduced)
      Don’t forget to touch-in and touch-out every time you pass through a gate and touch-in every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.

      B) Because the tickets are the same on the outside, I suggest buying them before travelling, so you won’t be able to forget which ticket is for which ride.

      C) Reduced tickets can be bought only at the station office.

      D) You’ll be able to use one of the 90min rides to go to Rafina, only if you take the 314 bus, which departs from Doukissis Plakentias metro station (line 3). You can find more info abou the line’s timetable here: : ST.DOUK.PLAKENTIAS – PALLINI – RAFINA_212-54

  22. Hello,
    1) If you want to use the metro, it’s better if each one has their own card. Otherwise, one should enter (or exit), then pass the card to the other to enter too.
    2) Whichever ticket product you charge the card with it remains valid indefinitely until it’s used.
    3) Only one ticket product can be used at a time. If you want to go to the airport you should either a) have no other ticket product in your card apart from an airport ticket b) charge the card with the amount of money the airport ticket costs (€10) and that will be used instead or c) buy a simple Ath.ena ticket charged with an airport ticket.

  23. I live in Glyfada. 10 days ago I purchased a rechargeable ath.ena TICKET (paper). I had successfully topped up that card once. Yesterday I tried to recharge it again and the machine informed me: Sorry. you can only recharge plastic cards. THERE IS NO CURRENT info posted ANYwhere. There were 5 other very angry people (all native Greeks, not foreigners) at that Espiridon tram stop in Glyfada yesterday holding rechargeable tix that are now, inexplicably, invalid. NO INFO posted at stop. NO updated info here. NOBODY could get where they needed to go without risking fines for riding with no valid ticket. THIS IS UNACCEPABLE.
    You all need to STOP making changes without informing the public. This is a disorganized, totally mishandled MESS!!!!! PLEASE post updates immediately to prevent confusion among residents NOW and before the tourist season starts or this will be COMPLETE chaos. Sorry to say you have completely screwed this transition up. Please help.

    • Hello! Firstly, this site has nothing to do with the transport authority. It’s an independent news site.

      Secondly, ATH.ENA Tickets are rechargeable. Probably, that specific machine had a problem. You can try the machine of another tram stop.

      • Sorry. Your site name is a bit misleading. I tried 2 machines at Glfada Espiridon and Glyfada Katraki. Tickets cannot be purchased there. You are not given that option. It no longer works. Paper tickets cannot be recharged. Maybe this is a problem with 2 machines. Maybe they have changed someting and you don’t know about it yet. Is it possible for you to find out specific locations where one can buy a ticket from a human in greater Athens and suburbs? I’d say a large number of local tram riders are confused this morning by this. Thanks for this site and your respo se. Sorry I vented to the wrong people!

        • Is the paper ticket completely spent? It might prevent you from recharging if you have rides remaining.

          There’s a list of ticket issuing points at the athenacard site, but I can’t find an english version.

          In short: all metro stations, Syntagma and Aghia Fotini tram stops (but note that buses replace trams in that section until march 6, so it might be closed), and most main bus terminals (Glyfada is one, the kiosk should be in the main square, next to the 120 bus)

          • Good point. No, the ticket had a zero balance. THANK YOU for ticket-purchase site info. Very helpful!!!! I’m in the tourist biz and will highly recommend your site. ?

          • I just sent an email to the authority to ask them if something changed or if it’s a malfunction. If and when they answer, I’ll update you.

            Note: The Syntagma tram stop is currently under renovation/re-construction, so there’s no ticket office there, at the moment.

          • I could not top up and I could not buy a ticket. The only screen that appeared was the one that offered top-ups, check balance, or purchase online. The check balance worked. The top up did not…maybe malfunctioning machine? It was a totally different home screen than 10 days ago. And no way to get to original home screen. Several people tried this…not just me. Thank you for checking into this; it’s important. Yesterday, I just walked to where I needed to go but others were either stranded or had to go by taxi…because nobody knew where else to buy tix. Suggestion: authorities should post ticket-purchase locations at each stop…

          • I know that it’s already user-friendly and by redesigning it, they’re going to confuse people.
            The only thing they should add is the ability to automatically open the top up menu, when you place the card in the special “case”.

  24. Good morning; In a couple of week we will be in Athens and we need a 5 days ticket. I have an idea and I don t know if I m right. : If we arrive at the airport and take a single ticket on the metro from Airport to Koropi. From Koropi we can use the 5-days ticket. Is it as simple as that? Because this way , we don t need the expensive airport-transfer ticket. Same idea for the trip back. Thanks for your great website!

    • To go from the airport to Koropi, you’ll buy the 6€ ticket for the Airport to Pallini route. Then you’ll touch-out at Koropi with that ticket, you’ll buy the 5-day ticket, you’ll touch-in again and you’ll continue your journey.

  25. Hello,
    I will be in Athens for three days in June. If I buy the “3 day tourist ticket”, the included airporttransfair is “one time only”? Or can I go back to the Airport on the third day with this ticket, when I allready used it on the first day (Airport – Centre , Centre – Airport). Thank you in advance 🙂

    • The ticket includes unlimited travel for 72 hours in all means of transport (except the airport) + 1 trip from + 1 trip to the airport.

      The trips to the airport must be done within the 72 hours, which start to count from the first touch-in.

      Please, note that this ticket is not officially called “Tourist ticket”!
      To buy this ticket from an automatic ticket machine, you select: Buy product > Athens & Airport, Round > 3 Days

  26. Υπάρχει η δυνατότητα αγοράς εισιτηρίου της γραμμής express προς αεροδρόμιο (€6) από τον οδηγό κατά την επιβίβαση στο μέσο της διαδρομής, όπως γινόταν με τα χάρτινα εισιτήρια, ή πρέπει να το έχουμε προμηθευτεί εκ των προτέρων;

  27. That’s true; only state-run IEK students, as well as university students are eligible of reduced fare.
    Students of private-run IEK pay full fare.

    And 30€/month is not much for unlimited travel.

  28. Hi, I’m in Athens in April and I have to drop my hire car off in Koropi which is on the suburban railway (one stop down from the airport) and need to get back into central Athens to finish my break. Can I change trains at Doukissis Plakentias onto the Metro Line 3, and is this the cheapest/best way (using a 90 minute ticket) to get back to Athens?

    • Hello! Koropi station is on metro line 3 as well! So, you don’t have to change trains, instead you’ll catch a train towards Aghia Marina from Koropi station.

      Yes, the cheapest and fastest way is to take the metro and buy a 90 minutes ticket (1.40€).

      I suggest, however, buy the ticket in advance, from another metro station, in case the ticket machines at Koropi are out of order.

        • Yes, it’s the same ticket, but you have two options:
          • Take the suburban rail and change at Doukissis Plakentias, where you’ll take a metro line 3 train to Ag. Marina
          • Take the suburban rail until the Athens station, where you’ll change to the metro line 2, towards Elliniko.

          Tip 1: Before walking to Koropi, go to the Airport metro station and buy 2 90-minute tickets from the automated machines, in case the ones at Koropi are out of order.
          In the automatic machine you select: Buy Product > Athens Area > 90 minutes

          Tip 2: You can always take the X95 bus to Syntagma sq. which costs 6€ per person.

  29. I’m from Asia ~
    I wonder if I travel Athens from 2.5 days and pretty sure that I will take metro for 4 times in separate time and day. Is this will be much cheaper if I buy short-term 2-90 minute * 2 ? or I can just charge enough money to card ?
    And also can I pre buy the ticket to airport ?
    pretty thanks ~

  30. I’m from Asia ~
    I wonder if I travel Athens from 2.5 days and pretty sure that I will take metro for 4 times in separate time and day. Is this will be much cheaper if I buy short-term 2-90 minute * 2 ? or I can just charge enough money to card ?
    And also can I pre buy the ticket to airport ?
    pretty thanks ~

  31. As the site’s administrator wrote below, you can’t use a photo ID apart from a Greek one.

    Indeed, you can travel all around EU with your ID, but the Athens Public Transportation Authority has nothing to do with this EU law. Apart from that, the law refers to traveling between countries, not traveling using the public transport of a member state.

  32. If you have a personalized one, you can issue a new one at a ticket office, with the amount you had on your old one, using the 8-digit PIN, you entered when issuing the card for the first time.

    If you have a non-personalized one, unfortunately, you lose the tickets or the stored value you had on it.

  33. Hi. Thank you for all this information.
    Do you want us to use the card to go through every Metro and Electriko barrier even with the 30 day ticket on it? I know we will have to when the barriers start working. When will that be, do you know yet? Many thanks

    • Firstly, this site has nothing to do with the public transport company; It’s an independent informational site.

      Yes, you have to touch-in and touch-out every time you go through a barrier, even if the gates are open and even if you have a 30-day ticket. You, also, have to touch-in every time you board a bus, trolley or tram.
      According to the Ministry of Transport, all gates will have closed at the end of the year. Until now, they have closed at the following stations: Aghios Dimitrios, Aghios Antonios (line 2), Eleonas, Doukissis Plakentias, Airport (line 3).

    • When a ticket writes that it’s for “Athens” it means that it can be used for all areas served by Athens busses, trolleys, trams and metro, excluding the Airport.

      So, whether you take a bus or a tram from Voula, you are able to use it. Specifically, the 3-day ticket it can be used for unlimited travel in the Athens metropolitan area + 1 trip from and 1 to the Airport.

  34. If have still old tickets..what must I do with them?

    Today I bought a Athena Ticket with eleven journeys for 14€
    After the one trip – at the entrance the whole ticket was no more valod!
    Can anybody help me with an information?
    Thank you

      • Thank you for the first answer.
        Today I bought a 11 journey ticket for 14€ , made one trip to Omonia and when I wanted to get back after few hours It wasn t valid any more.
        Maybe I put it first on the wrong place.

        • Did you tried touching-in at an other gate? Maybe that specific gate was faulty.

          Another thing that might happened is you took the ticket away from the reader too fast and the reader didn’t have time to “read” it.

          • Thank you
            Today it worked perfect
            Yesterday it told me that mz ticket is invalid

            So just still one probleme
            The waiting time at Omonia for changing the old tickets is 30 -35 people
            I am thinking about driving with my old ticket and throw it away after the trip

          • You can’t use the old ticket anymore. The old ticket validation machines have been removed and using the old tickets is prohibited and in case of ticket inspection, you will be given a fine of 84€.

            So, just wait a few days for the queue to become shorter and then go to the Omonia ticket office.

  35. I am wondering about the personalized card. I will soon arrive in Athens and stay for a little over 2 weeks. Thus, I find the 30-day ticket to be the best option in terms of the price, as I will be using public transport almost every day.

    I see there are guides as to how to apply for the card, but is it possible to go to a ticket office with the relevant documentation and get a personalized card issued straight away?


  36. Great information but I am still confused. It seems as though there is no way to pay for a card & have a ticket ready for travel any time without having to recharge a card each time for 24 hrs.

    I live in Athens & travel occasionally on the bus & Metro. Which card system do I need to buy that will allow me to travel whenever I want within the 90 minutes for unlimited days during the year? I want to have the card in my wallet ready at any time.
    Do I have to charge my card each time for one ticket or can I get numerous tickets during the year without a time limit? Thanks

    • What you have to do is get an anonymous or a personalized ATH.ENA Card from any ticket office and charge it with money up to 50€ (Pay as you go).

      So, each time you want to travel, you will touch-in and the amount you have in the card, will be reduced by 1.40€.

      You will continue to touch-in on the bus and both touch-in and touch-out on the metro, but it will charge you again, only 90 minutes after the first touch-in and so on.

  37. Personalised cards are mainly useful for people who need 30-day tickets or are entitled to discounts.

    Best to get an anonymous card (queues are only for personalised cards, go to a station with no queue) and get a set of 10+1 tickets for the price of 10.

    You can also get the same 10+1 tickets on an athena ticket (same price) but the paper is not as sturdy.

  38. Either you make an online application or not, you’ll still need to stand in line to get a personalized card. Unless you need a 30 day ticket, consider buying an anonymous card which doesn’t need any paperwork. If you do need the personalized card, if you wait for some days there will be less people standing in line.


    • Old-style paper tickets will stop being sold, but will be accepted and/or swapped for new ones for at least 2 weeks.

      You’ll be able to get a single or at worst a 5-ride ticket from a machine regardless. There’s also a 10+1 ticket (11 rides for the cost of 10) that might make sense for you.

      The photocard queues are for people who need monthly cards or are entitled to discounts.

    • Old paper tickets will be sold and used until this Monday, November 6th. But, as Nolyc T’nega writes below, you will be able to issue the new electronic single tickets (with 1.40€ cost) from the new white/blue ticket issue machines.
      The queues you see are for the personalised photocards. No need to stand in that queue.
      So, until Monday, you can still use the old paper tickets.

  40. Hi, I have 3 paper Athena tickets in front of me which I bought at ticket office two weeks ago. How can I control how much money is on them, how can I see how they are charged. If I scan them it will be delared as a ride immediately, but I just want to control them, I just want to know how they are already charged, how can I see this?

  41. Question: On Wednesday, 1st. of November, rather than queing for a personalised plastic card, can I buy a 5-day ticket, then when that runs out, on the 5th of November, buy a personalised card when the queues have died down?

  42. Hello, last time I heard something about it there was an issue because the ministry of education wouldn’t sign the agreement with OASA in order for IEK students to receive a half-priced ticket. I’m not sure whether this issue has now been resolved. I would suggest to contact your school first and then OASA and if you learn something new you can let us know.

    • I appreciate your reply sir.
      Right now , I am sure that they would require the students in iek to pay the regular price rather than half price .
      Because in our passports we are adults.
      I wrote a comment because I thought students in iek should have same treatment with the students in private ones..
      Hopefully they will accept our certification letter.

  43. No, that’s not possible for obvious reasons. Every ticket or card is used by one person only. If you are 4 people, you have to issue 4 anonymous ATH.ENA Cards and then charge each one with a single ticket, which costs €1.40 (4×1.40=€5.60)

  44. Hello, in the future there might be a way to buy just one 90-minute ticket (through the paper Ath.ena Ticket) but at this moment the cheapest solution is to buy a bundle of 5 90-minute tickets or a 24-hour ticket. Alternatively, you need to buy an Ath.ena Card (anonymous or not) but at this moment those are only sold from Metro stations. Unfortunately there is no other solution and this is a problem for locals as well.

  45. The article above seems to contradict what your employees are telling their customers at ticket kiosks. We had an employee tell us today that each time we change our mode of transport, going in the same direction, we have to validate the new 90 min ticket. The total trip was less than 90 minutes are we are concerned that we are being overcharged. (A similar situation happened with MyKi, the Melbourne – Australia plastic card system and they had to change the way the cards were used as tens thousands of people were issued refunds by court order. It was understood that th tapping scanner up until the 90 min mark was only to be used to keep track of usage numbers by specific time and route, but the electronic system had problems and people were being overcharged each time they tapped their cards on and off.) How are the cards supposed to be used? Have your employees been properly trained?

    • Hello, this page doesn’t belong to the transport authority. It is an independent website. If you want to contact them you can email [email protected] This article is about the old style 90 minute paper tickets that will be phased out soon. Those were validated only once on the first journey. The new ATH.ENA TICKET needs to be scanned with every trip and there is no overcharging if 90 minutes haven’t passed.

  46. I was just at one of the ticket offices in Kato Patisia, with my ID card to get the new electronic card for one month. I’ve seen my friends getting a monthly card without a problem the previous days with their foreign ID’s. And now I tried with my greek ID but I was told off in a very rude manner that I also need an “amcard” and I have no idea what that is and they weren’t able to tell me in english. I kind of figured it has to do something with health insurance so I showed them my german Insurance card and even my insurance card that I have here and still they wouldn’t do it. What exactly is the problem now ?

  47. Hi
    we are a group of 3 adults planning to reach Athens on 22 Sep evening and return 27 morning. What i understand is we can use a 5 days ticket( 3 person group) to use while in Athens and Airport return ticket. Can you please confirm
    thank you

  48. I am traveling to Greece next month, but will only be in the city 1 day, and i need to get to and from the airport. Is it recommend that i buy the return metro ticket, and does that get me to and from the airport for 1 fee? thanks in advance 🙂

  49. Is it absolute that a senior over 65 may get the metro/express bus price by showing a passport? One of the official websites refers to police ID only. Also, I read that the metro is free on Sundays up to 2 p.m. Is that still the case? Is that so also with the express buses? That would be great for me, as my flight leaves at noon. I saw that the M1 line to Piraeus from Syntagma is only €1.40 each way. Finally, in choosing whether to take Metro or Express bus from/to airport where does the express bus stop at Syntagma? Is there a terminal or just a street? I am trying to figure out which would be closer to get to my hotel a few blocks away, and whether a taxi would pick me up for a short journey. I know that the express bus is between exits 4 and 5 at the airport, but the Metro is a bit of a walk. Do they allow you to take your luggage trolleys all the way to the Metro, and are there elevators or escalators at the airport station and at Syntagma? Sorry for all the questions, and I appreciate your attentiveness.

    • 1. Those over the age of 65 can use a reduced price ticket. The age is verified if needed by showing an appropriate document such as ID, driver’s license or passport.

      2. Athens transport is not free on Sundays and it never has been.

      3. Metro line 1 doesn’t directly go to Syntagma. It goes to Monastiraki station from where you can change to line 3 and get to Syntagma (with the same ticket).

      4. At Syntagma the bus stops in the street. The Metro/train station at the airport is definitely not “a bit of a walk”. A moving walkway covers most of the distance. All metro stations in Athens have escalators and elevators, including the ones at airport and Syntagma. At Syntagma I suggest you use the elevator to get to the square.

      • Weird that some article wrote about the Sunday/free thing, but can’t find it anywhere else. No big deal. Re escalators/elevators and the Metro I am always a little concerned, because sometimes they don’t work. This has happened often in Paris and elsewhere, just when you have bags, etc. As I am arriving on an 8:25 pm flight from London and the x95 bus is between doors 4 and 5 of arrivals, can the commuting time difference (assuming I am not ready with bags until after 9 pm) for travel in the relatively late evening after rush hour to Syntagma be so much greater than the Metro and possibly, due to the bus’ proximity to the arrivals area, it might actually be more convenient? Thanks for the tip about Line 1. The other station is surely easy walking distance from my hotel, so it’s not necessary to take line 3 and change to line 1.

        Finally, and I do very much appreciate your responding so quickly, re tix to the islands, are the ferry prices the same if you went to a local travel agent or kiosk near Syntagma as the online sites? For example, online it lists one-way to Hydra at €28 on most of the online URLs, even saw it at €38. However, it might be less expensive buying it locally. In any event, I was warned not to wait until getting to the port and also wonder if a Thursday, Sept 28 journey might be fully booked if I wait too long (most of the hotels already are, but not the ferries, from what I gather — and fortunately, I am planning a day trip). Would you recommend a 2nd day’s outing for Aegina or are the islands rather similar? I have 4 full days in Athens and wonder if 2 is enough to walk around the city, (have been there twice before, but a long time ago), with the other 2 for day trips. So many thanks again. You’re wonderful. Best, Michael

  50. The Metro Ticket for the Airport for two people, which costs 18euros is good for a roundtrip for one person or two people? For 18 euros, two people can go to and from airport or just one? Thank you!

  51. Alex P. Hi I’m going to Greece in September for more than 2 weeks and I am thinking in buying the monthly card all modes of transport including airport. Is it OK to buy a reduced card even I am US citizen.

  52. Hello, does the 5-day ticket include the travel to Vouliagmeni Lake or is it to far away?
    In general, is there a map where I can see the farthest stations I can travel to with the 5- day ticket?
    Thank you

  53. Hello! This web site is perfect. But I can not find any answer my situation which is complicating. I am planning a trip to Athens on 19.03.2017-25.03.2017. I study at university and my birth date is 15.04.1992 so when I will be there, I will be still 24 years old. If I use reduced tickets, will be any problem when an inspector asks me ticket and ID? Thank you for your helping!

  54. Hello
    Thank you for those good information
    I still Wonder what is the best choice for me and my friend. There are four of us coming in april for 4 days arriving on the 24th evening at the airport , staying in athens until the 28th in the afternoon. My idea would be to buy a 3 day ticket for each one and buy an airport shuttle bus ticket for the last day . What do you think?

  55. Hi!

    This is a really good website and helpful information. I have some questions:
    I recently moved to Athens and I take the bus everyday to work back and forward, until I can buy a monthly card, I have been buying 90min tickets twice a day. Do you recommend anything better? Also, I have notice that almost every person that take the bus doesn’t pay or validate a ticket? Feels like I’m the only one validating my ticket every day, is this for something that Greek citizens can do, ride for free?
    thanks in advance!

    • Hello and thanks! Those you see not validating a ticket either a) have a monthly card, b) have already validated their ticket (for example on another bus or metro), c) are allowed to travel for free (for example, the unemployed) or d) are fare dodgers. There is a large number of all of the above but things will get clearer once the new ticketing systems goes in use in the next months.

      Instead of using 90 min tickets every day (I guess 2 per day), you can buy a 5-day ticket (costs 9 euros).

  56. Coming to Athens on a cruise ship and departing via the airport. Have not seen any specific comments similar. We will want to get to city center from the port, then 2 days later go from city center to the airport. Will be 2 adults and 1 child. Believe the tourist pass would be best for this. Is that correct and can we purchase this pass when we get off the ship?
    Thank you,

  57. I think you should also have mentioned the TfA Tickets application for Mobile phones (Android and Apple) i think they are very convenient for Tourists because with this app they can choose their best suited ticket – it is written also in English in explaining each ticket type.

  58. Hello! I intend to visit Athens for 10 days in April 2017 and I`d like to know if transfers from Airport (by Metro or by bus) to the city center, has stations at Sintagma Square. My accomodation is in Pagrati neighborhood, near Kalimarmaro Staduim. Thank You!

  59. If I buy a Metro airport ticket and validate it in the airport, do I have to validate it again, if I leave metro at the Kantza station and visit zoo and then during the same day go back to the metro again at Kantza towards Monastiraki station?

  60. Hi,
    It’s really a great site!
    I’d like to ask if you buy the group metro tickets for 3 people, can you use it for yourself for 3 trips from/to airport within 7 days?
    I found from internet that there was X92 bus from kifisia to Athens aiport, is it still operating?
    My question can we use other bus (e.g 410/500) before connecting to X92 with the same ticket?

  61. Hi, I have a question as I’m a bit lost. We are coming to Athens for 4 days – coming late in the evening on 08.12 and leaving in the morning of 11.12 – can you please tell me what ticket should we buy if we want to take metro from the airport to the city and then we’ll have to take one more ride to get in the area of Museum of Acropolis. We will also take some buses during our stay and again we’ll take metro to the airport. Will the ticket of €22 be enough? If there’s 2 of us can we buy one ticket?

  62. Hello,
    We are arriving at the airport, then heading to a hotel near Syntagma Square…then 3 days later need to head to the Piraeus Port to get on our cruise ship. Then we will be back in athens 12 days later and need to go from airport to hotel…then back again. Would the 3 day tourist be best for the first part of our journey, and then just a regular metro or transit pass at the end?

  63. Hi and thank you!
    1. 3-day tourist tickets include those two trips from/to the airport as well as unlimited use of transport within Athens during those 3 days.
    2. You are correct. Ages younger than 7 travel for free, which makes many children in Athens stay unofficially 6 y.o. for a couple of years or so 😉

  64. Hello,
    Does X97 bus route from Airport go to the Agios Dimitrios station? We’re arriving late in the evening and want to get there, but we found different information about this direction: that it goes only to Elliniko station. What’s the right info?

    • Hello, bus X97 terminates at Elliniko station which is now the terminal station of Metro line 2. If you arrive before midnight you can simply take the metro and go to Agios Dimitrios (4 stations away). If you arrive after midnight line X97 gets extended to Dafni between 00:00-05:00 so you can get off at Aghios Dimitrios which is along the way.

  65. Hi! thanks for the info! it’s really useful. I’m going to Athens from the 11th july to the 8th august and I’m planning to take transport everyday to the Piraeus, so could I take a monthly ticket at least for july? any other suggestion to make it cheaper?? thank you!

    • Hi there! Monthly cards are generally the cheapest option. However, monthly cards for July will be sold until July 10th. After that they will be sold for 5 more days downtown at Akadimias bus station and (if I’m not mistaken) Syntagma metro station. Even if you choose to buy a monthly card for July you won’t be able to use it for your trip from the airport (since you can only buy it downtown on July 11th) and you won’t be able to use it after July 31st. Still, if you use public transport every single day , buying a monthly card (30 euros) might still be cheaper than buying 5-day tickets (9 euros for 5 days). Read the section about monthly cards and let me know if you have further questions.

  66. We are two persons booking a 10 day trip to Athens santorini and mykonos, please advise which is the most convenient ticket to buy for use of bus and Tran withing the countries and from and to the airport… many thanks

  67. Hiya so im in a huge pickle where ive been screwed over by a travel company and would like to know if its possible and prices on how mcuh it would be to get from Athens airport to the Mitsis Galini Wellness & Spa not going till June but could really use some help.

    • First of all I would suggest calling the resort directly. They should be able to give you all information. Google says it’s at Kamena Vourla which would mean that the easier way to get there is to take a long distance bus from Athens. Buses depart from the Kifissos bus station. To get there from the airport you take bus X93. The resort should be able to give you more information. Let me know if I can help further.

  68. I’m travelling to Athens and need to get from the airport to Hotel Melia, I understnad I can do this by using the metro from the airport and specifically the line 3 to reach the city center Sintagma station and then change to line 2 to Omonoia, do I just need to purchase the Integrated Ticket €1.90 each way? Or have I misunderstood the above? Many Thanks

  69. We are going to athens in May, but our flight will be out of normal hours. We will be landing at 23:30 and a week later, we will be leaving at 06:00 . So I have to book a pick up & drop off service. Do you know which one is the cheapest company to book. We will be in the Athens for 7 nights and planning to buy a weekly ticket. We know we can’t use the ticket to /from Airport, but can we use the ticket for Metro/bus/tram/Suburban railway? How much does it cost?Thank you for this very helpful infos.

  70. Hi, I would like to get some advice from you. We will arrive to Athens Airport at 22:45 and stay 3 days. If I plan to travel from/to the airport with metro is the 3-day tourist ticket could be a good idea? Better suggestion!? Can I buy 3-day tourist ticket at 23:00 when I will arrive to airport?
    Thank you.

  71. Hi,
    I would like to get some advice from you. We will arrive to Athens Airport at 22:45 and stay 3 days. If I plan to travel from/to the airport with metro is the 3-day tourist ticket could be a good idea? Better suggestion!? Can I buy 3-day tourist ticket at 23:00 when I will arrive to airport?
    Thank you.

    • According to my experience in the tourism industry, Athens isn’t more dangerous than any other European capital city. Common sense is needed when traveling in public transport and generally when being in crowded places. This is a reason you will often hear “mind your personal belongings” announcements in the metro. People who can’t mind their own pockets or bags are better off if they stay at home.

  72. Hello, I would like to ask:
    “Return Metro ticket for the airport (for 2 journeys in under 7 days)”
    – If I arrive to the Athens airport at Wednesday at 14:00, use Metro and then make the Metro journey back to the airport next Wednesday at 8:00, is it OK? Is it simply counted as less than 168 hours? Or does it count whole days, so the last day I could go back would be Tuesday in this case?
    Thank you!

    • While you’re 25 you can buy the reduced ticket. Ask more details about it at Panteion. I’m not sure whether Erasmus students can issue a Greek “student pass” for transport or you’ll have to use your own country’s university pass. Also consider issuing a reduced price monthly card. Costs 15 euros and you can use it around Athens for a whole month. (Except for journeys to/from the airport). I hope you enjoy your stay here!

  73. Hello I need to travel with my mobility scooter from/to airport and the city, do I need to buy ticket or its free? I lived in Athens before and I had a card that confirmed my disability but it has expired so I don’t know the rules now. thaks

    • Hello, as a disabled person you are supposed to be allowed to travel for free. Carry with you some paper that proves your disability and ask at the ticket counter. The regulations say you need to have a special card for that but tourists and foreigners obviously don’t. I hope common sense will prevail and they’ll let you travel for free.

  74. Hello,
    for how long the airpor return ticket is valid?? for exemple I arrive in the airport on a saturday and I leave on the airport on a thursday, can I buy a airport/return ticket on saturday and keep it with me to return on thursday? Many tks!!

  75. Hi, would like to get some advice from you, if it is wise to get the 3day tourist ticket if we are only staying in athens for 2days. We need to travel from airport to Piraeus on the day we arrive at about 1pm on the 6th of June, then travel around the area for the rest of the day on 6th and 7th of June. Leave for airport on the 8th to arrive by 1pm. Do you think it is wise to pay 20euros for just the use of two days? Is there tickets available only per trip instead of 1.40euros for 90mins. Havent been to Athens before, not exactly sure if we need to hit the railway/buses everywhere we go or it is walking distance to everywhere.
    Appreciate your help in advance!

    • Hello, all the available tickets are the ones listed above. The historic center of Athens (roughly the area between Syntagma – Monastiraki – Acropolis) is walkable if 15-20 minute-long walks aren’t an issue. If you’re planning to go downtown from the airport with the metro, I think the tourist ticket could be a good idea as you’ll be able to get in the metro or into any bus as many times as you want without worrying about paying again. If you plan to travel from/to the airport with an express bus, and use the metro only if it’s necessary though, it should cost you less than the price of the tourist ticket. I hope you enjoy your time here!

  76. Hello

    We will arrive to Athens on the 24th May at 22.30 and leave Sun 25th May . The one day ticket is it valid 24 hours from the moment of using or calendaristic day? For example if arrive at 22 in the evening does it make any sense to buy it? The transport from the airport to the city and from Piraeus to the airport it is included in the 1 day metro ticket? Or I have to buy a separate ticket? (I need it for line 1+ line 3)

    Thank you

    • Answers to both questions are already replied in the article. Daily tickets are valid for 24 hours after their first validation. They are not valid for transfers to the airport. You will need a metro ticket for the airport. It’s valid for 90 minutes and transfer with all other modes (buses etc.)

  77. May I ask if it is possible to buy advance tickets? (1 day before)
    We plan to buy the 14 Euro for 2 pax Metro Airport ticket-1 way and
    2 pcs. of 4 Euro Reduced Metro Airport ticket 1- way= total of 22 Euros.
    Our kids are 12 and 14, do we need to show original passports or are copies enough? Or maybe we can show our kids school ids even if non-Eu schools? (We are from Asia). Thank you. This website is truly very helpful.

    • Thank you for your words. You can buy any ticket regardless of when you’re going to use it. What matters is that you validate it at the beginning of your journey. When issuing a ticket, you won’t need to show a passport. Just ask for the tickets you want or use the automatic machine. Passports might be needed in case of ticket inspection but I believe just the copies will be fine. I hope you enjoy your stay!

  78. Please advise, we are a family of 5, 2 adults and 3 kids
    (12-18), we arrive in July on a cruise ship for the day. We consider public
    transport from harbour to the main attractions (Akropolis; plaka, zeus…) above
    a min van taxi due to the cost.

  79. Hi, I was planning a trip to Athens from 12th of Feb till the 15th.
    Is the 3day ticket valid for 72h or 3days? Because if I arrive and use my ticket on the 12th at 19:00 and use it on the 15th for the last time at 11:00,
    I would be within 72h. But not 3days…
    Having to buy a 7day ticket to make up for those 8h seems a bit excessive.

    • Hi, I have nothing more to add to “children under the age of 6 […] can travel free of charge” other than no one would ever ask identification for a 5(ish)-year old child during a ticket inspection.

      Edit: Law says that children under the age of 6 don’t pay ticket and children between 7-12 years old pay a reduced ticket. Law forgot to say whether 6 year old kids should pay ticket or not. Therefore, 6-year olds don’t pay for a ticket.

  80. Hi
    I will be arriving at Athens Airport and will be in Athens for 2 days only.
    I understand that I need to take the X95 express bus. Please confirm the discounted price is €2.5?
    And also, I would like to reconfirm if the daily ticket covers metro, trams, busses and trains?

    Thanks so much!

    • The main difference is that the simple weekly ticket is not valid for any transfer from/to the airport while the tourist ticket is valid for one transfer from and one transfer to the airport by metro or bus.

      However, take into consideration that tourist tickets are VERY overpriced. A simple weekly ticket plus 2 bus tickets for the airport cost 14 + 5 + 5 = €24 whereas the tourist 7-day ticket costs €50. Similarly, a simple weekly ticket plus a return metro ticket for the airport cost 14 + 14 = €28.

      There are no 7-day tourist tickets anymore.

      • Athens transport I just came to buy reduced ticket with my ID and my university ID but could not on the machines and the worker working at the ticket issue refused to give me reduced card because, I quote “there says no university on my card” (it says “sveučilište” which is Croatian word for university and on the back of the card with the microchip it says it is an officcial document of students in Republic of Croatia. Any help with the situation?

  81. Hi Alex,

    After visiting OASA and not finding the info I needed, I came here because I knew you would have what I needed. 🙂

    Also wanted to add that Piraeus is missing a letter, and don’t forget to add the ‘Buy 10, get one free’ ticket paketos that have been offered since January 1.

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